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The Palms

The Palms is for the thinker, who debates with herself to bring new ideas.


What a fabulous shape this is. A fabulous round eye, perfectly balanced of course! Wear this one to be seen.

Size: 50 - 20 - 143  Shape: Round

The Palms - Love is all Around.jpg

Love is all Around

The Palms - Patch.jpg


The Palms - Breakfast in the Desert.jpg

Breakfast in the Desert

The Palms - Windmill.jpg


The Palms - Chequer.jpg

Chequer - SOLD OUT

Various Airports – “… a person who I will always and forever cherish. But as all great things must end, I did have to go.


The airport that Christmas eve reminded me, rather cornily, of the film “Love Actually” and their perspective of airports. I found myself people watching, something I did on occasion and yet it may have been my lonely heart that placed the heart shaped frames over my eyes I could not help being overwhelmed by the love that did indeed surround me.


As the snow fell outside the window and covered the tarmac I watched as countless people held each other, smiling, crying and loving, all around…” – The memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 297

Barcelona - “… but having seen what it did to him I knew I’d never again go down that particular path.


Despite that seemingly desperate act I was released from all responsibility to stay and so left heading for Spain, Barcelona to be specific. A singularly beautiful city and one in which you can find yourself swept away by the people.


I have travelled to many places and seen many sights but when a city is defined by its people something magical happens. I was enamoured by some skateboard artists, as they had me call them, who ended up inviting me to a party housed in an abandoned industrial park.


For what may have seemed from the outside a particularly precarious situation being part of it I felt such connection to these new friends I had made, and a wonderful night ensued…” – The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 32

Uluru, Australia – “…they went on for as far as the eye could see and were indeed quite beautiful in their own right.


It took quite a few days to reach our destination, camping on the side of the desert highway by night. Hoping no snakes or spiders made their way to share my warmth in the night. Alas eventually we made it to the great monolith at the centre of the country.


An unbelievable image rising from the bush to challenge the sky. I will always be humbled by the environment we live within, humbled and inspired…” The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 12

Cinque Terre, Italy – “…but I would gladly do it again.


Travelling has often seemed to me a whirlwind of adventure, you must be open to let the wind carry you and where it carried me was beyond spectacular,


Cinque Terre nestled into the cliffs with the bright buildings. I feel in love with colour all over again. A stall was selling pinwheels and purchasing as many as I could I ran the streets placing them throughout the town, adding my own little bit of colour and hopefully leaving my mark…” The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 431

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