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The Lake

The Lake is inspired by the writer, whose stories make people dream.​

A strong cat eye shape with a bold brow and wide temples - here I am and I am amazing!

A unique, limited edition, handmade fabric optical frame by 

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Size: 55 - 17 - 143  Shape: Cat Eye

The Lake - Austranostalgia.jpg


Australia - “...I suppose I could say the same things about growing up in Australia, that anyone, growing up anywhere, could say. It is, and always will be my home. To be specific I remember looking out my window over a field of yellow grass and hearing the slow, hot sound of a magpie cawing. “Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhhh” Later I discovered the colour and beauty of our country, the exciting people there are to meet, the beautiful places, both natural and man made to visit. The chaos, colour and diversity...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 14

The Lake - Blue Mosaic.jpg

Blue Mosaic

Huacachina Oasis Village, Peru - “...Huacachina oasis is a place dripping with tranquillity. I was lucky enough to meet a couple who were traveling there during my time in Peru. I found that sitting by the lagoon, watching the sunset, I could take the time to reflect on my journey so far and plan what was to come next. Most of all it gave me time to be in the present, share a drink with new made friends and appreciate what I had…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 44

The Lake - Red Bamboo.jpg

Red Bamboo

Cairo - Egypt - “...Egypt is a place of human evolution. It feels as though it represents all that we have come from, our fundamental human bedrock. A driver once told me that if you wish to drive in Cairo you need three things, a good head, a good heart and a good horn. If you ever go, you’ll know what he meant. It’s a city that leads you by your heart through its streets, people everywhere getting your attention for this or that. In the markets and shops this was most prevalent, and haggling over one ancient artefact or precious carving, only for both of us to put on a show of getting the bad end of the deal is part of the magic...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 233

The Lake - Roman Terrazzo.jpg

Roman Terrazzo

Mexico - “...Walls are often seen to keep others out, or to keep some in. While travelling in Mexico I met with a family who used walls to bring people together. Each evening their home was open to anyone who would like to enter, food was presented and each night a new family was formed. One of compassion, love and understanding. Where judgments were left at the door and equality was everyone’s right. In that family I saw our only future, and in the news, I could see only our end...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 189

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