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The Buttons

The Buttons is inspired by the leader, who leads her followers to greater sands.

This design is a very comfortable shape for wearing all day long. We love the angled ends on this frame.

A unique, limited edition, handmade fabric optical frame by 

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Size: 54 - 18 - 143  Shape: Rectangle

The Buttons - Life Brights.jpg

Life Brights

New Orleans, USA - “...New Orleans is a city bursting at the seams with music. From the moment I set foot on the streets, music seemed to emerge from the walls like the old muse. In fact, that’s how I would describe the city, the muse given form and flavour. I could not help but be swept up in it, and three days later when I emerged, I felt freshly scrubbed with a new eye for the world. If you need an artistic boost and can make it, New Orleans is the city to set your soul on fire…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 27

The Buttons - Purple Mosaic.jpg

Purple Mosaic

Machu Picchu - Peru - “...Machu Picchu is just downright beautiful. As with all splendid things, the battle to experience it made it even more magnificent. The hike is nothing to sniff at is what I am saying, but once there, the image of humans, like any of us, creating that place brought a tear to my eye. I am so proud to call myself human, in these times I worry that less people share my pride and even less people are deserving of it...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 199

The Buttons - Emerald Bamboo.jpg

Emerald Bamboo

Rikugien Gardens - Tokyo, Japan - “...While traveling in Japan I met a lady selling fabrics in a market. We were having a splendid conversation, with my friend translating, when she invited us to walk the Rikugien Gardens with her. Upon arriving we learnt that Rikugien meant ‘Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry.’ We spent the night learning Japanese poetry and admiring the elegant bamboo forests planted there. Japan has a peaceful effect on me that I have never been able to replicate…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 63

The Buttons - Red Orange.jpg

Red + Orange

Ceylon - SOLD OUT

The Buttons - Riot.jpg


Mardi Gras - Sydney, Australia - “...Oxford street in Australia’s Sydney is a vibrant place at the dullest of times. The night before Mardi Gras, I could feel the acceptance and bubbling excitement. The parade itself was something to behold. With the backdrop of beautiful Sydney, the colour, excitement, happiness and freedom. It was truly a celebration I was lucky to be a part of…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 82

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