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The Box

The Box is inspired by the researcher, who works into the night discovering mysteries to solve.

The Box is a very cute panto shape - feminized with winged tips that add a playful twist to a classic 1930's inspired frame.

A unique, limited edition, handmade fabric optical frame by 

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Size: 49 - 19 - 143  Shape: Round Panto

Size: 55 - 16 - 143  Shape: Square

The Box - Aqua Blue W_ Mint

Aqua + Mint

We know you love this colour way - so here it is in The Box - sooooo cute!

The Box - Red Crystal.jpg

Lipstick Red

Red Crystal

The Box - Metallic Gum Leaf Green

Koala Gum


The Box - Life Purple.jpg

Life Purple

Amsterdam - Netherlands - “...Amsterdam is a city of freedoms; it feels like a place on the forefront of societal thinking, while having deep historic roots. The canals are beautiful in the winter with lights reflecting off the water. It is truly a magical place. The tulip markets are a big draw for me in particular. Every which way there are new tulips to see, each with a rich story to tell and a friendly face excited to tell it. You can imagine the city, as with many European cities, the times before, when artists walked the streets and aristocrats, merchants and royalty frequented the local establishments. It is a city of history and thought...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 210

The Box - Mind Birghts.jpg

Mind Brights

India-Pakistan at Wagah-Attari - “...nothing I’ve seen comes close to the border ceremony I witnessed in the Kashmir region of India. Having spent some time in India, I had grown used to the vibrant colours and sensory overload of the cities, but this crossing was something to behold. The border guards, dressed spectacularly in their crisp uniforms performed with extraordinary flexibility and precision, while a deep sense of tradition fell like a blanket over the substantial crowd. I could not help but be reminded of exotic birds as I looked on in wonder, but I wouldn’t have said that aloud…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 143

The Box - Black With Gold Glitter and Stars

Black with Gold Glitter - SOLD OUT!

Starry starry night...

The Box - Pink Crystal.jpg

Pretty in Pink


The Box - Red Blue Mosaic.jpg

Red Blue Mosaic

Argentina-Chile, across the Andes Mountains - “...I find that when faced with monumental natural landscapes I cannot help but feel the heavy weight of perspective rest upon my shoulders. Crossing the Argentina – Chile border through the Andes Mountains was one of these times. I have been few places that have shared the sheer sense of remoteness, while making me feel so a part of the world, I could not leave that place without being inspired…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 98

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