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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The first step was creating the pattern designs. I wanted to create a small, curated collection of unique yet distinguishable colourful frames. There are so many beautiful frames in the world - but not many as richly coloured and patterned as an original Miss Lou.

My first pattern design was the Bamboo series - the overlapping, dense branches created a beautiful framework for the dynamic colour choices. I am wearing the Emerald Bamboo pattern in the shape Across the Ridge in this photo.

The patterns and colours then led to the shapes - how to create something beautiful and wearable, yet bold enough to carry the Miss Lou fabric designs.

Miss Lou then designed the most wonderful eyewear shapes to complement her distinctive patterns. We are absolutely delighted in the resulting combinations.

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Our first artwear eyewear models have arrived and we so excited for you to see them. You can see the first six designs here on the website - Teiger photographed them as soon as they arrived in our hands.

We are thrilled with the designs and spread of colour, making each and every one an individual art piece for your face.

Look for the little LE40 or LE75 engraved inside the temple of each frame, showing you that we only produce 40 or 75 limited edition pieces worldwide.

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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Daniel speaks with Louise and Teiger Sceats, the mother-son duo behind The Elusive Miss Lou Eyewear.


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