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The River

The River was inspired by the cartographer, who follows the streams and waterways finding their way to the ocean.

This super flattering shape gives you that up-lifting look - with fine temples she is sure to be noticed!

A unique, limited edition, handmade fabric optical frame by 

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Size: 54 - 18 - 143  Shape: Rectangle

The River Aqua Mint.png

Aqua + Mint

The River Green Oz Floz.png

Green Oz Floz

The River Cream Oz Floz.png

Cream Oz Floz

The River Watermelon.png


The River Giraffe.png


The River Dragon Fruit Front.jpg


Penang - 

The River Blue Run Front.jpg

Blue Run

Colorado River - 

The River Harlequin Front.jpg


Milan - Italy

“…and it was the loudest I had laughed in a long while. Ahh, that brings me to Milano. The city of fashion, culture, fine foods and fast people. Well fast when they want to be, I’ve never seen such a cool man walk so slow as in Milano. I’ve always left any club that would have me, a personal rule. Yet the culture of Milan, the “Club” is one that I happily dip my toes into given the chance. It is a city of excitement, of letting nights take you where they will, of wild romances behind closed doors and outrageous acts on the streets. A city to be thoroughly, wholeheartedly a part of…” The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 26

The River Aqua Mint Front.jpg

Aqua + Mint

Caribbean Blue - SOLD OUT!

The River Ibiza AM front.jpg

Ibiza AM

Ibiza Cafe del Mar - 

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