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Welcome to

The Elusive Miss Lou


The Elusive Miss Lou the world’s premier colourful, fabric collection
Using techniques developed OVER decades of DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING, we are proud to say we are the only brand capable of doing what we do, to the standard we deliver.

Based out of sunny Sydney, Australia, AND SPECIALISING IN

Handmade fabric optical frames, we bring the life, energy and
freedom that our surroundings infuse within us.

When you experience our wearable artwork, you will feel the excellent craftsmanship, love and DESIGN dedication poured into each and every piece, and know that you have a frame for life in your hands.


Circle with Wings Brave no bg
The Flame - Brick in the Wall
The Flame - Brick in the Wall

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The Cob - Ziggy Zaggy
The Cob - Ziggy Zaggy

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The Cob - Venom
The Cob - Venom

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