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Across the Track

Across the Track a été inspiré par le coureur, qui épouse les tournants de la vie et sait toujours où elle va .

Ce petit cadre puissant a du punch - doucement sculpté dans une forme ovale lisse - elle fait définitivement une déclaration.

Une monture optique en tissu unique, en édition limitée et faite à la main par  

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Taille : 50 - 18 - 143  Forme : Ovale

The Track Domino Front.jpg


Home - Australia

“…yet on the unfortunate occurrence of his passing, I happened to inherit his cat, one Domino, a black and white short hair of some poise and character. She was a high cat, often sitting on top of one bookcase or another and surveying her kingdom. Something she and I had in common. That is surveying our kingdoms, not sitting on bookcases, although there have been times when a bookcases perspective has been needed, and indeed, helped a lot in the encapsulation and germination of ideas. Domino was the one who first inspired me to travel, to see the world she so desperately wanted to escape to. I had to do it for her, and all the other house bound cats of her generation…” The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 5

The Track Punk City Front.jpg

Punk City

London - 

The Track Gum Leaf Front.jpg

Gum Leaf

Kangaroo Valley - OH NO IT'S SOLD OUT!

The Track Az Tech Front.jpg


Tokyo - Japan

“…but there have been many more since. One such occasion was spent walking the streets of Tokyo at night. It never fails to impress when you can walk for hours on end in a city and never reach the suburbs or industrial areas. That’s what Tokyo is like to walk through, you can continue walking and there is just more and more of it. Yet it is all so beautiful, the lights, cartoon characters, people, smells, sounds, tastes. It’s a symphony for your senses to be sure and one that rarely stops. Entering any of the shops, eateries, cafes there is such a feeling of welcome and hospitality. The closer you look at the streets of Tokyo the more there is to see, such a wonderful notion…” The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 487

The Track Red Rover Front.jpg

Red Rover

Tenterfield - 

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