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Across the Ridge

Across the Ridge s'inspire de la rêveuse, assise près du feu, imaginant son meilleur scénario.

Across the Ridge est un cadre rond si bien équilibré. Un des plus  formes difficiles à concevoir, cette forme est parfaite pour faire une déclaration.

Une monture optique en tissu unique, en édition limitée et faite à la main par  

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Taille : 52 - 19 - 143  Forme : Ronde | ovale

The Ridge - Mind Brights_edited.jpg

Mind Brights

India-Pakistan at Wagah-Attari - “...nothing I’ve seen comes close to the border ceremony I witnessed in the Kashmir region of India. Having spent some time in India, I had grown used to the vibrant colours and sensory overload of the cities, but this crossing was something to behold. The border guards, dressed spectacularly in their crisp uniforms performed with extraordinary flexibility and precision, while a deep sense of tradition fell like a blanket over the substantial crowd. I could not help but be reminded of exotic birds as I looked on in wonder, but I wouldn’t have said that aloud…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 143

The Ridge - Emerald Bamboo.jpg

Emerald Bamboo

Rikugien Gardens - Tokyo, Japan - “...While traveling in Japan I met a lady selling fabrics in a market. We were having a splendid conversation, with my friend translating, when she invited us to walk the Rikugien Gardens with her. Upon arriving we learnt that Rikugien meant ‘Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry.’ We spent the night learning Japanese poetry and admiring the elegant bamboo forests planted there. Japan has a peaceful effect on me that I have never been able to replicate…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 63

The Ridge - Crystal_edited_edited.jpg

Clearly Crystal

Iceland - JUST A FEW LEFT!

The Ridge - Sardinian Flowers.jpg

Sardinian Flowers

San Pantaleo, Sardinia “... and I knew I would never make that mistake again, no matter how much fun it was. This brings me to the time I spent in Sardinia. An old acquaintance had reached out to me with an invitation to their Villa in Porto Rotondo, they had let on that this was a dinner party not to be missed. So along I went, with little expectation, and found myself shoulder to shoulder with the high life. It was a marvellous dinner and I had a wonderful conversation with the most fascinating gent. He offered me a trip inland to see the mountains from San Pantaleo, one I readily accepted. The next day we were off. It was wonderful, after the glitz and glam of the seaside to feel among real people again in what, I am no doubt not alone in saying, was the most picturesque town in all the world and certainly my travels....” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 146

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