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Across the Sea

Across the Sea a été inspiré par le marin, qui apprivoise la colère avec des bras d'acier et des nerfs à la hauteur.

Ce profil fin aux courbes douces est un design élégant et confortable.

Une monture optique en tissu unique, en édition limitée et faite à la main par  

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Taille : 52 - 16 - 143  Forme: Rectangulaire

The Sea - Blue Mosaic.jpg

Blue Mosaic

Huacachina Oasis Village, Peru - “...Huacachina oasis is a place dripping with tranquillity. I was lucky enough to meet a couple who were traveling there during my time in Peru. I found that sitting by the lagoon, watching the sunset, I could take the time to reflect on my journey so far and plan what was to come next. Most of all it gave me time to be in the present, share a drink with new made friends and appreciate what I had…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 44

The Sea - Mind Brights.jpg

Mind Brights

India-Pakistan at Wagah-Attari - “...nothing I’ve seen comes close to the border ceremony I witnessed in the Kashmir region of India. Having spent some time in India, I had grown used to the vibrant colours and sensory overload of the cities, but this crossing was something to behold. The border guards, dressed spectacularly in their crisp uniforms performed with extraordinary flexibility and precision, while a deep sense of tradition fell like a blanket over the substantial crowd. I could not help but be reminded of exotic birds as I looked on in wonder, but I wouldn’t have said that aloud…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 143

The Sea - Life Purple.jpg

Life Purple

Berlin Wall - Germany - “...seeing the remnants of the Berlin Wall recalls images of brutalist regimes and the suppression of a people. However one cannot help but be moved by the pieces of humanity, love and endurance they see before them. Turning plight into beauty is the artistic equivalent of breathing, and Berlin expresses that in all its avenues. We should never forget what happened, to see that it shall never happen again...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 170

The Sea - Red Bamboo.jpg

Red Bamboo

Cairo - Egypt - “...Egypt is a place of human evolution. It feels as though it represents all that we have come from, our fundamental human bedrock. A driver once told me that if you wish to drive in Cairo you need three things, a good head, a good heart and a good horn. If you ever go, you’ll know what he meant. It’s a city that leads you by your heart through its streets, people everywhere getting your attention for this or that. In the markets and shops this was most prevalent, and haggling over one ancient artefact or precious carving, only for both of us to put on a show of getting the bad end of the deal is part of the magic...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 233

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