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Across the Spring

Across the Square s'inspire de la femme moderne, qui lutte dans un monde parfois opposé à elle.

L'un de mes favoris - un classique moderne avec le pont trempé, le bord inférieur incurvé et de jolies petites pièces d'extrémité.

Une monture optique en tissu unique, en édition limitée et faite à la main par  

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Taille : 53 - 17 - 143  Forme: Carré

The Square - Sardinian Flowers.jpg

Sardinian Flowers

San Pantaleo, Sardinia “... and I knew I would never make that mistake again, no matter how much fun it was. This brings me to the time I spent in Sardinia. An old acquaintance had reached out to me with an invitation to their Villa in Porto Rotondo, they had let on that this was a dinner party not to be missed. So along I went, with little expectation, and found myself shoulder to shoulder with the high life. It was a marvellous dinner and I had a wonderful conversation with the most fascinating gent. He offered me a trip inland to see the mountains from San Pantaleo, one I readily accepted. The next day we were off. It was wonderful, after the glitz and glam of the seaside to feel among real people again in what, I am no doubt not alone in saying, was the most picturesque town in all the world and certainly my travels....” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 146

The Square - Austranostalgia.jpg


Australia - “...I suppose I could say the same things about growing up in Australia, that anyone, growing up anywhere, could say. It is, and always will be my home. To be specific I remember looking out my window over a field of yellow grass and hearing the slow, hot sound of a magpie cawing. “Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhhh” Later I discovered the colour and beauty of our country, the exciting people there are to meet, the beautiful places, both natural and man made to visit. The chaos, colour and diversity...” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 14

The Square - Red_Blue Mosaic.jpg

Red Blue Mosaic

Argentina-Chile, across the Andes Mountains - “...I find that when faced with monumental natural landscapes I cannot help but feel the heavy weight of perspective rest upon my shoulders. Crossing the Argentina – Chile border through the Andes Mountains was one of these times. I have been few places that have shared the sheer sense of remoteness, while making me feel so a part of the world, I could not leave that place without being inspired…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 98

The Square - Riot.jpg


Mardi Gras - Sydney, Australia - “...Oxford street in Australia’s Sydney is a vibrant place at the dullest of times. The night before Mardi Gras, I could feel the acceptance and bubbling excitement. The parade itself was something to behold. With the backdrop of beautiful Sydney, the colour, excitement, happiness and freedom. It was truly a celebration I was lucky to be a part of…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 82

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