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The Light

The Light is for the Educator, who Illuminates her students and broadens minds.

Big, bold and fabulous - The Light would be great with a tinted prescription lens as well.

A unique, limited edition, handmade fabric optical frame by 

The Elusive Miss Lou.

Size: 51 - 19 - 143  Shape: Square

Berlin Wall – Germany “...seeing the remnants of the Berlin Wall recalls images of brutalist regimes and the suppression of a people. However, one cannot help but be moved by the pieces of humanity, love and endurance they see before them.


Turning plight into beauty is the artistic equivalent of breathing, and Berlin expresses that in all its avenues.


We should never forget what happened, to see that it shall never happen again...” – The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 170

Zimbabwe-Zambia at Victoria Falls - “...Victoria falls must be one of the most extraordinary borders on our planet.


It is a place one arrives at and feels as though they are dreaming, for surely what they are seeing couldn’t be real. I would have gladly spent a week standing there as the sheer volume of water falls before me.


The sound is visceral and has stuck with me for many years. Now, with our current ecological negligence the falls are in danger due to drought…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 112

Hong Kong – “… it was by far the largest squid I had ever seen. Which brings me to my time in Hong Kong. A city of busy people and a neon light.


The city changes at night, coming alive under the artificial glow of deeply saturated signage. It has a certain air that was captured so wonderfully by Wong Kar-Wai. Being in this city after such a time in the desert brought with it a feeling that I had almost lost and one that is most ethereal, but when diving into other cultures and particularly cultures that differed greatly from the one I grew within.


I find that post culture shock understanding comes with such a sense of belonging that the feeling transcends a people and a location but melds the two. Once you understand Hong Kong, you become a part of it…” – The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 434

The Light - Brick in the Wall.jpg

Brick in the Wall

The Light - Crystal Lime

Crystal Lolly - It's Back!!!

The Light - Blue Bamboo.jpg

Blue Bamboo

The Light Clearly Crystal High Res Front.png

Crystal Clear

The Light - Neon Nights.jpg

Neon Nights

The Light - Malachite Green


The Light - Crystal Lolly.jpg

Crystal Lolly - It's Back!!!

The Light - Cartoon Life

Cartoon Life

New Orleans, USA - “...New Orleans is a city bursting at the seams with music. From the moment I set foot on the streets, music seemed to emerge from the walls like the old muse. In fact, that’s how I would describe the city, the muse given form and flavour. I could not help but be swept up in it, and three days later when I emerged, I felt freshly scrubbed with a new eye for the world. If you need an artistic boost and can make it, New Orleans is the city to set your soul on fire…” - The Memoirs of Miss Lou pg. 27

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